The Best Doctor In America

I’m listening to a 2009 lecture by Dennis Prager — “Why Have Our Universities Gone Wrong?”

Dennis says: “Did you choose anyone in your life based on what college they went to?”

“If somebody says to you, and this is particularly true for Jews, ‘I have the best endocrinologist in America’.”

“If you are a Gentile and you feel you have the best doctor in America, please raise your hand. Not one hand.

“Jews all have the best. It doesn’t matter where I go. I go to Milwaukee and I hear, ‘The best endocrinologist in America is here.’

“Maybe that’s why Jews are so healthy. They think they have the best doctors.

“How do you choose a doctor? Somebody recommended, right? You don’t even care what medical school he went to.

“Do you care where your pilot went to school?”

In a 2005 lecture on the Middle East conflict, Dennis says: “You have to acknowledge that Orthodoxy did a terrible job of attracting Jews to Judaism in Israel. It is a failing so grandiose that you could cry. The best chance in Jewish history in 2,000 years and it was blown. You have to ask why.”

PS. There are a bunch of Dennis Prager lectures available on that I have not heard yet and I need to hear them to compose a proper biography of the man and to continue my scintillating blogging. Can you lend some to me? Please know that your reward will be immense in the world to come.

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