Dennis Prager: ‘Jews are the most religious people’

I’m listening to a 2009 lecture by Dennis Prager — Feelings: The Key to the Liberal Mind.

Dennis: “Why would Jews be against gun ownership after the Holocaust? If every Jewish family in Europe had one gun, the Holocaust would not have occurred in the same numbers… The handful of revolvers and molotov cocktails homemade in the Warsaw Ghetto took so many Nazi lives, I’m not sure the German army would’ve put up with this. Hey, we have to win a war. That’s more important than gathering the Cohen family for the gas chamber.

“The Jewish mind has been addled by the amount of hatred and evil inflicted on Jews. The Jewish people isn’t well.”

“The most successful Jew is worried that something will happen tomorrow to him. There is no Jew that doesn’t walk around like that.”

“When Jews are with a non-Jew for a period of time, they start thinking, would this Gentile save my life?”

“Many Jews have Stockholm Syndrome. They identify with their persecutors. They feel that if they crap on Jews enough, the non-Jew who hates Jews will love them.”

“When the ghetto walls were knocked down, Judaism as practiced was not prepared to take on the challenge of Mozart, Heine, and the great philosophers and the great artists, so Jews left Judaism in vast numbers. Ninety percent left Judaism.

“Jews stayed deeply religious and their religion was a secular messianism, which was any leftist doctrine of the time. Jews are the most religious people on earth but for the vast majority of them, their religion is not Judaism. The more religiously active the Jew, the less likely he is to be a liberal. If you believe that God gave the Torah, you are overwhelmingly likely to be a conservative.”

“When Republican candidates don’t go to NAACP meetings, I just don’t understand it. I love to speak to people who differ with me. I’d go to the convention of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. I went on gay radio. I’d go to an all-black meeting in a second to tell them to reconsider how they vote.

“I’ve said for 30 years there are two parties in America — the dangerous and the stupid. I’m a member of the stupid party.

“How stupid is the party? It almost doesn’t even know the existence of talk radio, the single biggest factor in articulating conservative values in America. I don’t think John McCain could’ve named a single talk show host outside of Rush Limbaugh, who he admitted he had never heard.

“I was gonna run for the U.S. Senate against Barbara Boxer. I don’t know that I should’ve. I think I touch more people through radio. That’s what I ultimately decided. As a senator, there’s one advantage — if you can get to the Senate, you can get to the presidency, but I don’t think that I’ll be president.

“I met with one of the highest ranking Republicans at his office [Arnold Steinberg?] in Beverly Hills and he didn’t know who I was. I don’t take it personally. It’s impossible to offend me. I wasn’t offended. I just thought, how could someone be so high up in the Republican party and never have heard of a man who had been on talk radio in his own city for 20 years? They are so out of it in the Republican party.”

“We do need an articulate charismatic spokesman. The press of course will eat up anyone who does this. I flirt with running all the time, with throwing my hat in the ring. I know I’m articulate. I know how to speak to people. I’ve had a lot of practice in this but I know among other things what the press would do to me. Talk about a track record. They would get all the recordings from 26 years in radio. They would isolate 17 different clips to show me to be every evil thing possible.”

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