Dennis Prager’s Autobiography

In his 2008 lecture on Leviticus 19, Dennis Prager said: I am writing my autobiography. Tentatively, it’s about my three journeys — as a man, as an American and as a Jew. I’m writing the Jew part right now.

Part of the reason I have such a powerful association with the Sabbath was that it was the only family time we had. That was the time we ate together — Friday night and Sabbath afternoon.

From my sophomore year of high school, I did not eat at home [at night during the week]. I went my own way in life.

When I would make a family, I had only one image — the family at the Shabbat table because that was our only family time.

To this day, when I visit my family in New Jersey, we’re together on Shabbat. We’re not together on a Monday. We’re busy.

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