Is Dennis Prager High Maintenance?

On Dennis Prager’s radio show today, he devoted the male-female hour to a discussion of high maintenance people.

Dennis said he was not high maintenance.

Ralph calls from Manhattan: “Dennis, I would think it would be impossible for you to not be high maintenance because of what you do for a living. You’re seeking the approval of others.”

Dennis: “That’s not true. I don’t. I seek the respect of others and that’s a very big difference.”

Ralph: “I’m an actor and I know that I’m high maintenance.”

Dennis: “Well, actors do seek approval. You seek applause. I don’t. That is a big difference. It’s something I’ve thought through very carefully.”

Ralph: “If you didn’t get that constant reinforcement from listeners who often open their calls with saying you’re wonderful. I listen to you every day.”

Dennis: “It was not that way. I’ve been on for 28 years. That began to happen after perhaps 15 or 20 [years]. I am deeply appreciative of that but it is not what sustains me.

“What sustains me in terms of listeners is — you changed my thinking. You changed the way I raise my kids. You changed my marriage. You made it better. I think differently now in political and social issues. That does give me a kick. Not in ego, but because I have a real sense of mission.”

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