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Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. says when the Times’ McCain story appeared online Wednesday night, "we were able to talk to sources who gave us further information that made [the Post’s story] able to be published today." He tells Joe Strupp that the Post became aware in recent days that a Times story might be coming soon because of the way sources were acting. || More from Will Bunch and Ari Melber.

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The publication of the John McCain story article "capped three months of intense internal deliberations at the Times over whether to publish the negative piece and its most explosive charge about the affair," writes Gabriel Sherman. "It pitted the reporters investigating the story, who believed they had nailed it, against executive editor Bill Keller, who believed they hadn’t. It likely cost the paper one investigative reporter, who decided to leave in frustration." || Marilyn W. Thompson denies she left the Times because of the story. "If anything, this story made me realize I need to return to management."

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New York Times executive editor Bill Keller says: "On the substance, we think the story speaks for itself. In all the uproar, no one has challenged what we actually reported. On the timing, our policy is, we publish stories when they are ready." || Michael Shear’s chat: "Let’s also be clear. The Washington Post did not report this morning on a romantic affair with the lobbyist in question." || Greg Sargent: What happens when you substitute the words "Dem Presidential Hopeful" for "John McCain"?
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