If You Can’t Believe In God

I’m listening to Dennis Prager’s 1996 lecture on Exodus 20.

Says Dennis to his assistant Laurie: “If I don’t [do a good job repeating your point], feel free to resign. Did I tell you that she sent me to New York for no reason? I don’t even want to tell you because it would hurt her feelings that she got the date wrong and I went to New York for no speech. Do you know what it is like to walk on 33rd St. for no reason. It’s a phenomenon very few of you will experience in your life, being 3,000 miles from home for no reason. She’s the best though. She really is. You just have to live with that stuff. Everyone of us a quota of flat tires and you have to meet it.”

Dennis says the Torah is more interested in crushing false gods than in getting people to believe in God.

If you have trouble believing in God, I have another way for you to go about it — deny all other gods. From the Torah’s perspective, you will be affirming God. It is not possible to have no gods.

Denial of false gods is all that the Torah demands of non-Jews (in this regard).

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