Log-In With Facebook Connect To Leave Comments On My Site

I’ve added Facebook Connect to my blog to make it easier to leave comments.

Log-in on the upper right of the page.

I paid somebody $50 to install this, so you better use it!

PS. One of the best things I’ve done since I bought a real computer in 1997 was to have people on hand who would help me with my computer issues (for around $50 an hour). I’d much rather spend a little money than get as angry and frustrated as I was getting with technical stuff.

Chaim Amalek emails: Perhaps you could find some spinsters to address the question posed in the current failedmessiah blog: May a spinster have procreative sex outside of marriage if the alternative is that she die without issue? Invite women from your past. Offering the sensitive rabbinic POV can be Rabbi Rabbs.

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