Heshy Fried Needs A New Car So He Can Get Married

Heshy Fried blogs: “My car almost died. It overheated and we had to stand around picking blackberries on the side of a dirt road before I could get it started again. I need a new one and I’m asking you – the loyal fan who gets free entertainment day in and out — to help me get a new one. Nothing is too little, nothing is too much – from $5 to $5000. Contrary to popular belief I don’t make a living from this blog. I work full time and I get paid very little for what I do. I live paycheck to paycheck and while I have about $1000 saved up, that’s not the $4000 I need to get a decent car that will last me another 6 years.”

Abijah comments: “Aren’t you seeking someone who would find picking blackberries a good time?”

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