Why Should Anyone Help Pakistan?

Pakistan won’t accept any help that is labeled as coming from Jews.

I don’t get why Jews should help this hateful Islamic country?

If Pakistan hates Jews so much that they won’t even recognize the existence of the Jewish state of Israel and refuses all help if it is known to come from Jews, then why should Jews help these monsters? Let them drown. Let their fellow Muslims help them out.

This option isn’t even raised in the following article:

JDC, by contrast, requires that its beneficiaries announce the source of the funding, no matter where their projects are located—which is why there’s an ambulance in Haiti with the JDC’s name on the side of it. “I have a letter from former [Pakistani] President [Pervez] Musharraf,” said Recant of JDC, “thanking the Jewish community and the [JDC]” for its help establishing a village in the aftermath of Pakistan’s 2008 earthquake.

JDC often works with other large international nonprofits like the International Rescue Committee and the Clinton Global Initiative, which makes printing the words “American” and “Jewish” on the sides of water tanks and buildings less problematic. The question of how to announce the provenance of donations, however, is not unique to Jewish organizations. Los Angeles-based Operation USA has had issues with its name, too. “We have had instances where we’ve worked with local partners where we’ve not had our name on [the project],” said Alison Deknatel, Operation USA’s director of communications.

Operation USA, which has so far raised $7.9 million in donations and in-kind contributions for Haiti, and has been working in Pakistan since the 2005 earthquake, has seen very little contributed for Pakistan in the wake of the ongoing flooding. Deknatel said she can’t say what exactly has been keeping people from contributing. “It’s hard to know exactly. It could be donor fatigue. It could be general unease with working in that region,” Deknatel said.

In light of the dire situation, Sahi said he believes Pakistanis wouldn’t object to receiving aid from the U.S., “but there will be some problems with the word ‘Jewish’ if printed on clothing especially,” he wrote. “It will not be easy for them to accept aid from Jewish groups from Israel, but they will be OK with American Jewish groups’ aid.”

A spokeswoman for the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles said she knew of no aid that has gone from Israel to Pakistan during this crisis, and could not comment on whether any had been offered. Israel was widely recognized for the medical services it sent to Haiti after the earthquake.

I shed no tears over the destruction of the wicked. Pakistan is an evil country. Let them get their own act together or die trying.

I’m reading the Jewish Journal’s “My Pakistan” blog. There is no mention of “Jews” and but one mention of “Israel.” There is no discussion on this blog of Pakistan’s hatred of Jews and refusal to recognize the Jewish state.

What you will find on the blog are a lot of calls for handouts. The Pakistanis will take Jewish aid, so long as it is not from Israel and it is not labeled as coming from Jews.

Here’s a long article in Foreign Policy magazine wondering why nobody cares about Pakistan. It does not mention Pakistan’s pathological hatred of Jews and refusal to accept Jewish help (when it is noted as coming from Jews).

What has Pakistan done for anyone else? When there are earthquakes in Iran, or other disasters, are Pakistani aid teams fast and effective?

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