RCC Gives Kosher Supervision To Businesses Open On The Sabbath

One of the arguments that the RCC (Rabbinical Council of California) used against Rabbi Yehuda Bukspan was that he certified as kosher businesses operating on the Sabbath. This is perfectly legal by Jewish law, and the RCC today supervises businesses open on the Sabbath and all Jewish holidays such as the Magnolia Bakery (owned by a Jew, his wife is a shiksa), located in the heart of the Jewish community on Third Street and Orlando Ave.

Rabbi Rabbs emails:

You wrote: “This is perfectly legal by Jewish law”.

Says who? It’s not that simple. Real Food Daily is a real problem because they cook on Shabbos, and since no Jew can be part of the cooking, we must assume that the food is all bishul akum, and thus, treif. I don’t see any way around that. Some of the those foods are gourmet level and certainly fitting to sit on a king’s table.

Whereas, Magnolia Bakery is merely preparing baked goods, so by not having a Jew turn on the ovens, it is only NOT pas Yisroel, and I’m sure the RCC makes note of that on the certification. The only problem there I see is that it is owned by a Jew, but I’m thinking maybe he enters a shituf “partnership” by selling his portion of the business for Shabbos.

In other words, he doesn’t own it on Shabbos, and doesn’t derive profit from it that day.

I may be wrong about Magnolia Bakery. It very well may be problematic as well. I have never been there and have no idea what’s going on there. I am just giving RCC the benefit of the doubt, whereas, I don’t see any wiggle room for RFD.

JOHN EMAILS: 15 years ago when Noahs Bagels was under Bukspan the RCC made a big deal about how you could not eat there because they were open on shabbos.

When they took over noahs, they were still open on shabbos.

This news about magnolia bakery is old news RCC has had their restaurants open on shabbos for over 15 years.

I dont know of you have ever had a bagel from noahs, all i can tell you is that i have never tasted a better bagel in my life! i bet the rcc drove noahs nuts and they said to hell with this and became not kosher, who knows if it were not for the RCC, noahs would probably still be kosher.

Jack emails: The non-kosher status of Noah’s was a national thing, when Noah sold off the franchise.

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