Women In The Back Of The OU Bus?

Rabbi Rabbs emails me: “Staff members in the OU headquarters in NY that are expected to serve coffee to the other staffers. 100% women.”

I was emailed this about the Orthodox Union: Lay Leadership – National Officers
President Total women: 0%
Stephen J. Savitsky

Chairman of the Board Total women: 0%
Harvey Blitz

Chairman, Board of Governors Total women: 0%
Mark Bane

Senior Vice Presidents Out of 6 menbers, Total women: 0%
Emanuel J. Adler
Allen I. Fagin
Yitzchak Fund
Dr. Steven Katz
Dr. David Luchins
Martin Nachimson
Henry Rothman
Joseph Stechler

National Vice Presidents Out of 9 members, Total women: 0%
Fred Ehrman
Dr. Michael J. Elman
Martin Fineberg
Charles Harary
Aaron C. Kinderlehrer
Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka
Gerald Schreck
Dr. Shimmy Y. Tennenbaum
Michael C. Wimpfheimer
David Zeffren

Treasurer Total women: 0%
Roy Spiewak

Secretary Total women: 0%
Stanley Weinstein

Associate Vice Presidents Total women: 0%
Max Berlin
Behnam Dayanim
Stanley Hillelsohn
Gary Litke
Jonathan Mell
Paul Pinkus

Honorary Vice Chairmen, Board of Directors Total women: 0%
Seymour J. Abrams
Morry Weiss

Honorary Chairmen, Board of Governors Total women: 0%
Samuel L. Brennglass*
Marcel Weber

Honorary Vice Chairmen, Board of Governors. Total women: 0%
Dr. Mark Hasten
Jay L. Schottenstein

Honorary Presidents Total women: 0%
Julius Berman
Moses I. Feuerstein*
Mandell I. Ganchrow, MD
Harold M. Jacobs*
Joseph Karasick
Prof. Shimon Kwestel
Sheldon Rudoff

Honorary Vice Presidents Total women: 0%
Howard Tzvi Friedman
Elliot P. Gibber
Gus Jacobs
Dr. Bernard Lander*
Joseph Macy
Donald Press
Joel Schreiber
Harvey Wolinetz

Executive Vice President Total women: 0%
Rabbi Steven Weil

Executive Vicwe President, Emeritus Total women: 0%
Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

Board of Directors Out of 59 members, 11 are women.Total of: 18% (some are married to the Rabbis or friends of the family):
Susan Alter, Cindy Darrison, Elizabeth Diamond, Lorraine Hoffman, Cheryl Leon, Dr. Marian Stoltz-Loike, Vivian Luchins, Isabelle Novak*, Miriam Shapiro (NCSY National President), Barbara Lehmann Siegel**, Esther Williams,
1.Seymour Adler
2.Mitchel R. Aeder
3.Susan Alter**
4.Yitz Applebaum
5.Hyman Arbesfeld
6.Terrence Augenbraun
7.Joseph Bensmihen (South Florida)***
8.Hon. Daniel Butler (Central East) ***
9.Adam Charney
10.Daniel Chill
11.Dr. Ben Chouake
12.Cindy Darrison
13.Elizabeth Diamond
14.Dennis Eisenberg
15.Dr. Stanley Frohlinger
16.Ari Fuchs (New Jersey) ***
17.Eli Genauer (Northwest) ***
18.David Gerstley
19.Alan Gindi
20.Marvin Herskowitz
21.Lorraine Hoffman**
22.Rabbi Emanuel Holzer
23.Dr. David Hurwitz
24.Mordecai Katz
25.Seymour Kraut
26.Dr. Benzion Krupka
27.Cheryl Leon
28.Morey Levovitz
29.Dr. Marian Stoltz-Loike
30.Vivian Luchins
31.Irwin Nachimson (West Coast) ***
32.David Nagel
33.Avery E. Neumark
34.Isabelle Novak**
35.Steve Orlow
36.Stuart Panish
37.Dr. Harry B. Peled
38.Joshua Penn
39.Barry Ray
40.Stanley Rosenberg
41.Steven Rosenberg
42.Dr. Howard Rosenthal
43.Eric Rothner
44.Zvi Sand (Israel) ***
45.Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld
46.Dr. Howard Shapiro
47.Miriam Shapiro (NCSY National President)
48.Steven Sholk
49.Barbara Lehmann Siegel**
50.Steven W. Tabak
51.William Tenenblatt
52.Jacob Weichholz
53.Gary Weiss
54.Heshy Wengrow (Chicago) ***
55.Esther Williams (Long Island) ** ***
56.Jerry Wolasky (Atlantic Seaboard) ***
57.Howard J. Wolf
58.Larry Zeifman (Canada) ***
59.David Zimble (New England) ***

Governors 3 women out of 44members. Total of 8%: Daisy Berman, Laurie Cooper Mrs. Joseph K. Miller)
1.Daisy Berman
2.Marvin Bienenfeld
3.Rabbi Hershel Billet
4.Larry Brown
5.Donald B. Butler
6.Laurie Cooper
7.Pace Cooper
8.Leon Eisenberg
9.Dr. Abraham Freilich
10.David Fund
11.Eugen Gluck
12.Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt
13.Rabbi Marvin Hier
14.Malcolm Hoenlein
15.Richard M. Joel
16.Rabbi Zev Leff
17.Gerald F. Lerman
18.Nathan Lewin
19.Alan Lipman
20.Rabbi Haskel Lookstein
21.Moses Marx
22.Mrs. Joseph K. Miller
23.Rabbi Michael Miller
24.Jack M. Nagel
25.Rabbi Sheftel M. Neuberger
26.David Novak
27.Terry Novetsky
28.Rabbi Ralph Pelcovitz
29.William Rapfogel
30.Dr. Marcel Reischer
31.Julius Rosenzweig
32.Kurt Rothschild
33.David Rubin
34.Lee Samson
35.Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter
36.Eli W. Schlossberg
37.Rabbi Max N. Schreier
38.Rabbi Allen Schwartz
Dr. Israel Singer
39.Franklyn Snitow
40.Dr. Edward L. Steinberg
41.Dr. Chaim M. Wasserman
42.Rabbi Berel Wein
43.Zev Wolfson
44.David Woolf

Yehudit Bat El emails: Shocking…As one can clearly see, the situation at OU and the modern orthodox community
is serious.As I demonstrated in this random checking the names on the lay and professional
leadership list. My goal in publishing this was not to ridicule nor blame but rather call on each
one of us to do Cheshbon Nefesh. This exercise should be repeated at your Shul, the schools
your kids attend and the Jewish courts, when needed. You will find that women, not only can
not serve in the Rabbinate but it manifested into all leadership/powerful positions in town: Rosh
Yeshiva nor Dayan or president of the Temple/Yeshiva… isn’t time to rethink this?

I know, we were brought up this way and don’t even notice it. I am convinced that the Kllal looses
when we are silenced…YET, there is a greater concern: What about our daughters? They attended
the finest universities… They deserve better. We raised and invested in them, just as much as we
did for our boys. Do we expect them to go to the back seats as 2nd rate members of the K’hilah?
What message are we giving them and what treatment should they expected from their husbands
and in the marketplace?

This list should serve as a WAKE UP call to all:
Erlicheh’ caring Avot in our town, who take great pride in their daughters, as well. The time has
come to institute changes and correct some inherit wrongs in our Derech, as it is written:
“And G-d said: Let there be light…” Let us illuminate the darkness setting on us. Amen, Ken Yehee Ratzon!

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