Good Guys Having Fun


Prager H1: The UK High Court has said Catholic adoption agencies must give exactly the same preference to same sex couples as to heterosexual couples – essentially kicking them out of the adoption business… Mexico is becoming a narco state. Every day there is a new atrocity… Dennis talks to Sinclair McKay, formerly Assistant Features Editor at The Daily Telegraph, he now works in London as a freelance writer and journalist. His new book is The Man with the Golden Touch: How the Bond Films Conquered the World.

Prager H2: The Left needs to demonize its opponents. Where does this need come from? The mosque at GZ issue is just the latest example of this demonizing process… George Will has been traveling in Israel. His latest column is as eloquent a defense of the Jewish state as you will ever find.

Dennis Prager says that one element of James Bond’s success is that you always know that good will triumph over the evil.

“Second. Good guys are not usually having fun and he does. The good guy is rewarded in this world — look at those women, outfits, cars.”

Sinclair: You wonder how sustainable a life that is? You’d worry if a friend of yours lived a life like that.

Dennis: “Why not fantasize that?”

Sinclair: “The nature of the fantasy has changed over the years to the more austere Daniel Craig version we see today. He’s almost monogamous.”

Dennis groans. “I have to be monogamous. I don’t want James Bond to have to be.”

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