The Slave Mentality

The Ibn Ezra (medieval Jewish commentator) said that Moses would not have attracted the respect he did among the Israelies if he had grown up as one of them (instead he was raised in Pharoah’s court).

In his 1995 lecture on Exodus 3, Dennis Prager says: Moses did not suffer from a slave mentality.

In American life today, there is an absence of a Moses in organized black leadership.

It would’ve been better if Jesse Jackson had grown up in privilege with whites rather than in “an occupied area.” He acknowledges that he spat in white people’s soup when he worked as a waiter.

That is not the mentality of leadership. It is the mentality of anger.

Moses was angry at all injustice. Moses doesn’t hate Egyptians. Egyptians saved his life. The daughter of Pharoah saved his life.

It is not atypical that outsiders become leaders. Hitler was not German. He was Austrian. Stalin was not Russian, he was Georgian. Napoleon was born in Corsica.

President Obama was born outside of the United States.

Chaim Amalek emails: I wish I could trust the “real” press — and those quotation marks are not meant as an insult, but rather acknowledgment of reality — would put these rumors to rest by systematically having a go at all the allegations and addressing them one by one. At this point, I cannot tell what is real and what is not, although I’m pretty sure that Politico’s triumphal dismissal of “birthers” by publishing a redacted image of Obama’s current passport answers nothing.

To begin with, is it true that Obama has kept his early records (and I mean in the main his school records) sealed from the prying eyes of the public? Have other presidents done the same, or is this something noteworthy? Is there such a thing as a “long form” birth certificate for Americans of his age who were born in Hawaii? What does it look like, and was/was not Obama issued one? Next, the Globe Magazine has been running various cover stories on this alleging a Kenyan birth, which the mainstream press has blacked out. I know that her sister publication (they are all under common ownership) the National Enquirer was on top of the Edwards scandal (as it was others) when this same mainstream media chose to look the other way. Does Globe Magazine have the same credibility? And just what was Hilary Clinton alluding to when she cryptically remarked during the 2008 campaign that Obama had not been properly “vetted” by the press? Did she know something that we do not?

I suspect that for much of the press corp, the notion that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to serve as president is something they’d rather not discover, which makes it hard to believe that they have looked. Have they? I just don’t know.

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