Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach – Likely New Headmaster At Shalhevet

Rabbi Weinbach (the son of a rabbi) is now Principal of Rabbi Teitz Mesivta Academy in New Jersey.

Rabbi Weinbach is making it a condition of his taking the job at Shalhevet that Jerry Friedman (a nominal member of Beth Jacob) have nothing further to do with the school. Jerry’s resisting this. He wants to remain on the board and continue to have his lunch tab picked up by Shalhevet.

If Rabbi Weinbach comes, he’ll shift the school to the right (it’s easy to be to the right of Jerry, I’m to the right of Jerry) with the support of Steve and Esther Feder (high achieving members of the most rigorous and intimidating Modern Orthodox shul in LA — Young Israel of Century City). Esther Feder, president of the Shalhevet board, is concerned about the lax decorum at the school. She’s not thrilled with the students’ raucous hallway behavior, funny business between boys and girls, dress, davening and the like.

I get the feeling that marijuana brownies at the next school outing would ruin her whole day.

As Hitler said just before shooting himself in the head, "Next time, no more Mr Nice Guy."

According to this report: "A famous name from Camp Lavi, Rabbi Weinbach first became associated with Nachum back during their days in Yeshiva. He is currently the principal of the Rabbi Teitz Misifta High School in Elizabeth (following in his fathers footsteps- Rabbi Weinbach Sr. was the Principal of both MTA and Manhattan Central for many years) as well as being Director of the National Council of Young Israel’s New Jersey Region."

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