Is G-d A Transcendent Energy?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “I don’t have a big problem with the anthropomorphized deity. I find that saying G-d is an energy leaves me very cold. I can’t have a relationship with energy. I can’t bow down to energy. I don’t believe that energy has a moral will. Does energy give a hoot if I treat people kindly? Does energy give me the Ten Commandments?”

“How do you know what G-d it is without a religion? Is it the G-d you invented with all of your good will? How do I know the G-d isn’t you writ large? I have a lot of problems with Judaism but it gives me a vehicle to understand this G-d I am supposed to believe in.

“Is it the G-d you believe in who says thou shalt redefine marriage? Thou shalt abort when thou wishes? What G-d are we talking about if you don’t have religion?

“What about a community and ritual and music? Religion gives you all of that. No religion and we’d have so little of the greatest music and art of the Western world. It’s an impoverished world.

“Are there dangers with religion? Of course. There are dangers with love. Do you know how many people have done horrible things because they have loved so strongly? Anything powerful is dangerous — love, sex, religion, faith.”

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