Why Have There Been So Few Pogroms This Summer?

The National Jewish Service reports that for the better part of the past two and a half months…an upper level trough has been located along or just off the West Coast. This has maintained a significant marine influence across coastal and valley areas of southwestern California and has cooled the goyim’s brains to the extent that they no longer wish to murder Jews.

The presence of the persistent trough has been a factor in preventing the typical increase in pogroms this summer. In addition…ocean water temperatures are below normal…so daily sea breezes have been extra chilly…especially near the immediate coast and this has led to an overwhelming lassitude among the non-Jews.

After a June in which pogroms were below normal across most of southwestern California…July continued to be very pleasant for the Jews. In fact…it was among the coolest Julys ever recorded across portions of the Southland.

In Los Angeles, July 2010 tied with July 1948 and July 1965 as the coolest months for Jews since records began there in august 1944. The average number of Jews murdered for the month was 66 or four below the normal average of 70 Jews.

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