Michelle’s Vacation

Joe emails: Is this 2010 or 1962. It appears pretty obvious to me that the Obama marriage is a farce, and this trip by Michelle is a total travesty. I know couples where the wives go off on their own for vacations, and it is one of three reasons.

First, the women is as far past menopause as Avi Weiss is past any form of Orthodoxy and it is to some new england rustic retreat where old women go to watch leaves turn brown.

Second, the wife takes the children out while the husband works, and the husband generally joins in for a few days. Sometimes the wife goes solo if it is a 3 day jaunt and you can tell it is a kids vacation because it is to disneyworld, a cruise, etc. This is the cover story for the Spain visit, that Obama is busy destroying the US economy, and cannot go, but the Obama daughter has this particular fascination with the Spanish coast, tapas bars, and generally being an attention whore. Yeah, and Tiger Woods is a sex addict in the mold of guys who look at gay porn like they are solving chess puzzles.

Third, the wife is sick of a philandering husband and wants to get the heck out, but is unfortunately married to the president and takes the kid with her as a beard.

I agree with some in the media that presidential vacations and where president’s kids go to school are off limits, but there are gradations. I steal printer paper from my job, but i dont raid the petty cash safe for benjamins. Sure, if obama wants to go to nantucket with the family and act like he’s putting on the ritz, fine. But if the wife goes on a five star retreat, without him, with a kid who is age inappropriate for the journey, there is a need for some coverage.

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