No More Barriers For Women, Blacks, Hispanics

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “President Obama appointed two women to the U.S. Supreme Court. So what? At what point will the liberal shut up on this issue and realize that there are no barriers to women in this society. There are no barriers to blacks either. There are no barriers to hispanics either. I’m not sure there ever were. What American ever cared his last name was Gonzales?”

Prager said he did not expect Elena Kagan to have a distinguished record. “Her life experience is so spectacularly limited, I don’t know where she will get any wisdom from. You could not serve on the Sanhedrin if you were not married and had a child.”

“She has the most limited background of any Supreme Court nominee I have studied.”

From “The University of Illinois fired a religious studies instructor who defended the Catholic position on homosexuality. They said it violated the University’s policy of “inclusivity.” Another college in Illinois canceled a planned appearance by Karl Rove. They gave a weak cheese excuse, but the real reason is painfully obvious.”

Dennis: “If there is same-sex marriage, it will be forbidden to teach Jewish and Christian views of homosexuality.”

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