Blogger Moxie Says Her Co-Host Tried To Commit Her

Here’s the link where the blogger and blog radio host Moxie writes: “My former co-host tried to put me in the psych ward lock-down. Don’t worry, I discharged myself when no one understood why I was even there. Will tell everything my lawyer allows me to say, but I will be telling you everything about the beating I got from a cop. Photos available on my FB page….they’re real purty. Thanks Kender.”

Kender McGowan is Moxie’s former co-host who called the cops last Thursday morning, July 22, saying Moxie may be trying to commit suicide.

During the show July 25, Moxie lists off her enemies.

Here’s a 2003 interview I did with Moxie.

She’s been talking about committing suicide for as long as I have known her.

I don’t think she’s held down a full-time job in more than a decade.

Her parents are rich.

She regards her cats as her family and believes that at least one of them saved her life.

I’d like to think that when the cops were taking Moxie away, she screamed, “Take me to Cathy!”

Moxie blogs Jan. 16, 2010: “My Ex boyfriend has been stalking me for many months….

“Recently my assistant learned he has a new girlfriend. Unfortunately, she also enjoys stalking me using fake Twitter and Facebook accounts.”

Here are some highlights from this show:

Moxie: “My life has been utter hell.”

“I have been on the phone with my lawyer for two days. I have to be very careful about what I say.”

“I was beat up by cops and had people I cared about deeply betray me.”

Here’s an artist’s rendition of Moxie’s bruises:

“I don’t care how well you think you know somebody, never let them know where you live. If I don’t know what kind of stick gets shoved up their ass… They can send the cops and an ambulance and they can try to put you in the psych ward.”

“I was beat up by a cop who happens to be black.”

Moxie says she hasn’t slept in about a week. “That’s why I have a prescription [for xanax].”

“Maybe my former cohost is coming to get me again. What a giant! No, what a little faggot.”

A few years ago, Moxie was having some problems that she thought needed law enforcement attention. So a guy told her to call the LAPD and ask for detective Christie Love. She did and they laughed and hung up on her.

On this show, Moxie says: “I can’t stand Keith Olbermann. He drives me crazy.”

“Yes, it was a nigger cop. There are white people who are niggers and there are black people who are niggers and this was just a nigger.”

“I had my former best friend go ballistic on me because I bought six codemol tablets.”

I was friends with Moxie for years until I blogged that after Cathy Seipp’s funeral, Cathy’s sister asked Moxie to leave so the family could be alone together.

On this show, Moxie says: “I am working on getting a new cohost… I have one amazing candidate… She’s like me — a conservative atheist… I don’t think either of us hate religious people. I’m very close with my parents. They’re my best friends. They’re very religious and I forgive them for it.”

“After getting thrown in 5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold) for something prescribed by my doctor to help me with my insomnia. My former cohost and my former boyfriend conspired on this… So f*** you. You’re going to love your lawsuit.”

“My former cohost lives on public assistance.”

(Kender is on disability.)

When the police came for Moxie, I believe she grabbed a video camera and started taping to protect herself.

Moxie: “When they handcuffed me in the ambulance, I said, ‘What’s the matter? I live in the ghetto. There’s nothing better for you to do?'”

“Every time that faggot [Al Gore] gives a speech about global warming, there’s a snowstorm.”

“Kender owes me $120 because I paid for him to go to something.”

(Kender agrees.)

“I used to be assaulted every week by the same cop in LA because I had a hairstyle he didn’t like.”

“The big black man who forced his way into my house… He tried to push the door open with his henchmen. I pushed back.”

Moxie says she told the cops her husband was a lawyer.

“Kender’s a f***ing asshole. A lying scumbag absolute dirt off the bottom of a homeless person’s cane.”

“I’m going to send this to Fox. There should be Moxie riots. There should be white people looting and rioting all over the place.”

“I didn’t threaten suicide. I threatened to take my maximum dose of my meds because I hadn’t slept in four nights.”

“Kender reported that I took 30 milligrams of xanax. Three milligrams is the maximum I am allowed to take.”

“If you don’t sleep for a while, eventually you die.”

“I got beat up. I’m too afraid to sleep.”

“People who want to kill themselves go and just do it.”

“I didn’t want sympathy. I just said I’m cleaning my house, I can’t sleep.”

“If I want to kill myself, that’s my business. I’m not killing an innocent baby.”

Moxie spends much of the show talking about suicide and condemning her co-host for 51050ing her.

“I don’t feel safe in my own house because that f***ing asshole, that midget, can call them up and lie again and say Moxie just took some xanax.”

“I have a prescription and I know just how much I am allowed to take… The LD50 for those of you who aren’t pre-med is the amount that can kill half of the population. And I was nowhere near that.”

“He’s also got my best friend and my ex-boyfriend involved in this. Trust me. Nobody f***s with me.”

Moxie asks a caller, “Do I sound suicidal to you?”

“These things are great. I can clear out a whole bunch of people [from my life].”

“I drop the n-bomb. They call us equally offensive terms. I’ll call Kender a faggot. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Moxie repeatedly gives out the phone number of one of her enemies because he “snuck on to my Facebook page.”

“The good crazy people are funny. The bad crazy people are shooting up buildings. There’s no law against saying things that don’t make everyone happy.”

“Why can’t we say nigger? They say cracker.”

Moxie is a veteran of flame wars. In this 2003 dispute with another blogger who had the gall to call herself Moxie, the other Moxie got fired because of an anonymous fax.

On June 11, 2003, Moxie posts: “While I can’t deny that this whole ‘Moxie’ war has been good for traffic, the fact that it’s become fodder for Jim Treacher’s fantasies tells me that it’s probably time for it to be over. So to the other Moxie: good luck and God speed… And to Jim: Seek professional help. (But you already knew to do that.)”

I talk to Kender this morning. He’s worked the show (the Humor Institute) with Moxie since last November.

Kender says: “Last Monday night, I fell asleep at 8:30 pm. I leave my computer on. At 1:40 a.m., there was an IM from Moxie. At 4 a.m., Mox woke me up. She told me she had thrown out all of her food and was doing her laundry so her parents wouldn’t have to deal with it. That worried me. I figured she was tired. She said her mom would take the cats and was there anything of her’s that I wanted.

“I figured, she’s tired. She’s full of crap. I said, yeah, I want your car.

“She said, you’ll do fine on the show. Do the show with Eric. And then she hangs up.

“I didn’t think nothing of it. She told me she took a bunch of xanax and was taking more. Her housekeeper could find her Friday morning when she came in to clean.

“Well, seven a.m. she calls me. Now she’s slurring her words. I could hardly understand anything she says except for ‘I took more pills.’

“I got off the phone with her. I thought about it. I called the cops. I said, I’m worried. This is why. I gave them the address. Up to this point, everything was really good between us. I had no motivation to call the cops to f*** with her.

“Last night on the show, she said she had a smoking gun which proves I did this out of spite because I had done it before.

“I did this before to my ex-girlfriend and my ex-best friend who ran off together after a year of him harassing me online and through the mail by signing me up for magazine subscriptions and such. I called the local sheriff and had a welfare check done on them to let them know, I have your address. Quit f***ing with me.

“If I wanted to f*** with somebody, I wouldn’t have given my real name to the cops.

“She said all this [about taking pills] and now she’s denying it.”

“When the cops showed up, she called our executive producer Randy. A guy she was kinda dating online. She called him and said the cops are outside and are trying to get in. He said, let them in.

“He heard the cops say, we need to take your vital signs.

“They called me back. They asked for her real name. They said, she’s being combative. Did she say the words, I’m going to kill myself.

“I said no. I gave them the rundown on what she said, including the housekeeper can just find me Friday morning.

“She worried me. And I’m not one to get worried. I’m the last person in the world to interfere, even if they want to off themselves.”

Kender says the cops came by her place before 8 a.m. and she was apparently home and free by 10 am.

Luke: “Have you heard Moxie talk about suicide before?”

Kender: “No. Nothing serious. Just, I want to die and my life sucks.”

Psychiatric consultant to, Dr. Sid Schwartz*, an unlicensed and not board certified physician, offers his analysis of the Moxie broadcast. “Based on multiple reviews of the broadcast and your blog post, in my professional opinion, to use the medical jargon, she is….” says Dr. Schwartz. “Obviously, I must offer the following caveat. I have not personally seen Moxie and can only issue this diagnosis based on what I have heard and read on But with your reputation for breaking news, I feel comfortable characterizing Moxie as three steps away from being tasered by law enforcement.”

Khunrum emails: “Luke….This young lady Moxie doesn’t appear to be rowing with “both oars in the water.” Why not invite her over to The Hovel to tell her side of the story. Remember, “there are two sides to every story” even if one side sounds deranged. You’ll need an opening act. I suggest 10 minutes (no longer) of Reverend Babbs or Joey Kurtzman. Then they can join you and Moxie in a verbal donnybrook. Remember to serve chips n’ dip.”

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