Chandler Convalescent Hospital

I hope I don’t end up in a nursing home. I hope I don’t end up at Chandler Convalescent Hospital (5335 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91607). rates it one star out of five and says its quality of care is “poor.”

Chandler Convalescent is owned by Sanford Deutsch, who’s about 80. His late wife Beverly was a patient for more than two years at Chandler. She was hit by a bus a few years ago and sued General Motors.

Sanford Deutsch is moving into Beverlywood with his new wife.

Sanford was a big macher in Jewish Los Angeles. He was a lay leader of the Orthodox Union. He led Congregation Sharei Tefilah at Poinsettia and Beverly Blvd. He led the JNF.

Sanford’s son Mark runs Chandler Convalescent.

The place is a mess. The staff frequently get paid late. They have problems getting banks to take their checks, so instead they’re limited to a couple of check cashing outlets. Better get your check cashed quickly before the account runs out.

In response, much of the care is shoddy. It’s not unusual for the staff to fall asleep on the job.

A patient fell and died a couple of months ago. I wonder if a more attentive staff would’ve prevented his death?

It would take a man of great moral character to restrain himself from taking his sexual pick of the staff. Particularly if you own apartments and homes where you can house the more attractive ones.

There’s something very wrong going on at Chandler Convalescent. It is owned and operated by Orthodox Jews. You’d think they’d behave better.

Chandler Convalescent is always running out of supplies. The head of nursing pulls a fat salary but is only around a few days a month.

The Deutch family owns cash businesses such as vending machines and laundromats. These types of businesses typically attract a Mafia-like crowd.

Dana* emails: “I just read a review on Chandler Convalescent Hospital and couldn’t agree more. I used to work at Chandler and saw many things that I reported to the woman who was dsd at the time, yet she shrugged it off as being unimportant. Did you work there as well? There was (or is) a patient there who does drugs in his room that I reported but since he was chums with …, they never even investigated the patient’s meth use in the room. The place is horrid.”

Another source tells me: Chandler employees a verity of persons of various ethnic back grounds. The majority of non-licensed staff and support staff would be Mexican. The majority of registered and licensed staff would be Filipino. The Director of Nursing you referred to as making a bundle and not being there much has hired several of her family members and friends. They’re of Indian ethnicity. I am not crazy about nepotism or nationalism. As far as I know, all Chandler employees are legal. Some have work permits and some are being sponsored. The vast majority of employees are Americans citizens.

Also, to be technically correct, all employees receive their pay checks at 6:00PM on payday. They are payed twice a month. However, if that check is deposited in a regular, personal checking account as is customary of 90% of the working persons in this United States, the check will bounce. There is little or no monies in the account that pays the employee. The monies that pay the employes are taken from a separate account and given to the check casing company. Then after a few days (since payday) when employees find the check cashing place that has received funds they will all exodus the hospital (patients be damned) to cash their checks. The personnel office will not tell the employes which check cashing place they have gone to and given monies too. Often you can see a HR employe arrive at 6:00pm to drop off the checks then run to there car to get to the check cashing place first. But its a guess as to which one they have gone too.

If you were treated this way as an employee, would you care if anything happens at your job? I think not and this is one of the big reasons Chandler has such poor care stats.

Now, would be a good time to send a camera crew to look in the main parking lot at the rear. The trash is over flowing. Apparently chandler is not paying the waste company in a timely manner. There are rats, possums, cats, sea gulls and crows picking at the plastic bags of hospital waste. There are 10 to 20 hospital beds in the parking area. And cast-off items next to the gas tank. Its a dump back there.

No, it is clear that Mark’s girlfriends are hoochee-blonds from outside the facility. However at one point one of his girlfriend’s sister worked at Chandler. It did not go well for the employee that complained about this sister’s incompetence. That employee was fired within days.

It is also rumored that one of the HR girls is now dating Mr. Deutch. I guess that’s good for her now. But in the end the children get the estate and she will be cast aside.

Falls are very common at chandler. It’s hard to say how many are preventable. There are a lot of confuses patients and state regulation make it hard to restrain them. The Director of Nursing (who comes and goes at will) approves many patients that Chandler is not equipped to handle. But yes, the supervision of patients by floor staff is lacking and many supervisors don’t supervises their floor staff. When you ask, “who’s is in charge?” Fingers start getting pointed in every direction.

So, falls commonly result in misleading if not down-right falsification of paper work.


Because no one was around to see what happened and the staff fears a Health Department investigation. The overwhelming group think is, “it’s not my job.”

I will update you on any new events.

Yeah, this kind of behavior tends to give the Jewish community a bad name. And you know as well as anyone that if one Jew behaves badly, then all Jews behave badly; sad but true. Maybe you can shame the Deutch family into behaving better and take responsibility for there actions.

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