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Tom Ficara emails: Hi Luke:

It appears that the revelation that Elliot Karp was fired at the Cincinnati Jewish Federation for exactly the same employee abuse that has occurred in his present tenure has given us some new and powerful leads.

For the first time, we have broken the shameful cone of silence that the Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Jewish Federation has built to obstruct our investigation. With one board member now speaking with us, we feel that this house of cards will soon be coming down. In fairness, many of these directors were (and probably still are) fed false and/or misleading information about the background of Elliot Karp and his behavior in Cincinnati and now in Las Vegas.

Also, for the first time we have heard directly from a current employee within the Las Vegas Jewish Federation. We are now confirming that the employee abuse continues unabated. We are attempting to find a way to have this employee appear on our Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Jewish Federation episode of the Las Vegas Justice Bureau TV show.

We are also attempting to find Lanny Levine, the highly thought of person who was hired to replace Elliot Karp victim Charry Kennedy (the former Entertainment Director at Caesars Palace). Lanny Levine resigned several weeks ago and we have the story from third parties but want to hold out to speak with Lanny Levine himself.

The revelation of the widespread abuse at the Cincinnati Jewish Federation has also jostled the Rockford, NY Jewish Federation, where Karp worked after the Cincinnati Jewish Federation and before his present Las Vegas Jewish Federation reign. They had been previously stonewalling us in a major way. We now have a source from Rockland. We will get you that information shortly, once we can confirm it.

We are heartened that Lois Langford of the Las Vegas Tribune is still on the case in this matter. With Danny Greenspun and his family owning the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Jewish Federation Director Jim Rogers owning the NBC affiliate, we have limited availability to the established press. Thus, the independent Las Vegas Tribune is a valuable presence in a town as closed as Las Vegas is.

Lastly, we have learned that another EEOC action is about to be filed against Elliot Karp and the Las Vegas Jewish Federation. This is a preliminary action to a lawsuit against Elliot Karp, former Las Vegas Jewish Federation Chairman Danny Greenspun, current Las Vegas Jewish Federation Chairman, Las Vegas attorney Leonard Stone, the Las Vegas Jewish Federation Board of Directors, and the Las Vegas Jewish Federation itself. This will be the second EEOC action. We also believe that a third is being prepared.

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