Murder/Suicide On LA’s ‘Holiest Street’

The LAT reports: "Park La Brea: A white man and a white woman, approximately in their 60s, were found dead inside their home at 200 S. Detroit St. in the Park La Brea area at about 11:23 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 2. Officers with LAPD’s Wilshire Division responded to reports of gunshots. Upon arrival, officers discovered the man and woman dead from gunshot wounds, said Officer Mike Lopez of LAPD’s media relations office. The woman was found inside the bathroom and the man inside the bedroom, he said. Paramedics declared both victims dead at the scene. Detectives have not determine the cause of the shooting, Lopez said."

From CBS:

LOS ANGELES (CBS) ? On Monday, authorities identified a husband and wife who died in an apparent murder-suicide in the Park La Brea area of Los Angeles.

Bruce and Terri Nadler, both 61, died on Saturday of gunshot wounds that
authorities believe were inflicted by Bruce, said Craig Harvey of the coroner’s office.

Officers were sent to the 200 block of South Detroit Street on a "shots fired" call about 11:25 a.m. Saturday, and found the bodies in their home, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

Homicide investigators believe they’ve also found the weapon used in the killings, but have not established a motive.

A source says: "Their family is Orthodox. Their kid is (I think he is black hat)… I know all the cousins and the wife’s (who was killed) brother is. I don’t know exactly how religious the husband and wife were – but definitely an overall Jewish family in the community. The funeral was today."

I hear that it was a murder-suicide. There was a note… Apparently the man was an avid gun collector and also suffered from depression. I don’t know his name – but the his wife’s maiden name is Tomashevsky. I was told the note said that he was seeing a therapist and the therapist wanted to commit him. I believe he used to be a plastic surgeon. The couple’s son lives on the same street.

In its latest issue, the Jewish Journal calls Detroit the holiest street in Los Angeles. The column is titled "Rebbe Road."

Joe emails:

– The patient was depressed. – He is a gun collector. – There was reason for hospitalization (the note states that.) And… The patient was free to go home? and then kills his wife and himself?

There are clear guidelines in cases like this – It is called Tarasoff: In memory of a woman by that name who was murdered by her husband. The therapist knew it may happen and did nothing to prevent it.

The law states that any time a therapist knows of a case that:

1. The patient is might be dangerous to himself or others

2. The Therapist has learned of a plan and a means (gun, knife)

The therapist must break confidentiality and immediately inform police and follow up with a written report. The patient is admitted to the hospital for observation, even against their will. This is called 5150 (Britney Spears was hospitalized both times on it.)

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