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Tom Ficara emails: Hi Luke:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but we are receiving so much information on Elliot Karp’s bad behavior from his various stops along the Jewish Federation trail that we are simply overwhelmed. In fact, we have made the decision to partner with a news organization and create this as a national TV show instead of a Las Vegas based show. It’s just too big for us.

Despite a ton of official stonewalling, we have received info from Rockland, New York; Brandeis University in Massachusetts; Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio that confirms a pattern of employee abuse by Elliot Karp that creates a damning scenario for Las Vegas attorney Leonard Stone and Las Vegas newspaper heir Danny Greenspun for their behavior before and during the Elliot Karp reign of terror at the Las Vegas Jewish Federation. It also enforces our contention that the National Jewish Federation is behaving no differently than the Catholic Church in aiding and abetting this monster.

Here are some interesting items as regard Elliot Karp’s reign of terror at the Cincinnati Jewish Federation:

Elliot Karp fired several capable women with otherwise excellent credentials in the same heavy handed way he did in Las Vegas. Again, confirming his pattern, he saw to it that they got no severance when fired, although one of the woman did resist and get a few months severance.

As he has done in Las Vegas with Marjorie Greibel, he found the weak, needy woman in Cincinnati, Kim Morris, and similarly befriended her so they could reign terror on the targeted strong employees.

The threatening of Charry Kennedy in Las Vegas that resulted in her calling the police to have her escorted from is also a repeat performance. He similarly menaced a woman in Cincinnati (holding the name until we get her interview directly) and would not let her escape from the room as he yelled, screamed, and berated her. Instead of calling the police, she called her husband to protect her from Elliot Karp.

As in Las Vegas, fundraising in Cincinnati also decreased for the same reasons, the acidic and bullying behavior of Elliot Karp.

Interestingly, Elliot Karp was fired from his position in the Cincinnati Jewish Federation. While he was sure to combat any severance pay for his victims, he made sure that he received a full year’s severance pay when he was terminated for cause.

Wow! We have a full 15 people to interview on camera in Cincinnati, and we are making those arrangements this week.

More next week on Rockland, Columbus, and Massachusetts. This is horrible… how can otherwise good and decent people allow this to continue?

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