Judging Mel On His Rants

From Dennis Prager.com on Monday: Prager H1: Should a man ranting at his girlfriend be made public? And should we make judgments about that man based on this private rant? These are questions no one asks about the latest Mel Gibson flap… Leftist groups unite to create their own “Tea Party.” But the Tea Partiers are fascists, angry white bigots, owned by Big Business. This group is enlightened lovers of liberty, organizing for the good of the working man, beholden to no one… Tom Hanks is, at best, very confused about the reasons why we fought the Japanese in WWII and why we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan now… San Francisco is going wild with social engineering: the latest, no soft drinks with sugar… Islamists from Somalia murder 70 people in Uganda, including one American. The cancer is spreading…

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Karl Rove, the former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush. His new book is Courage and Consequence… Dennis returns to the Uganda bombing and what it means. The danger to our way of life comes from those who want to spread Sharia-based societies not from Islam, itself…

Prager H3: Sweden was once a much more prosperous country. Then it became socialist and its national wealth declined. Now it’s back on the upswing. The reason: it has recently embraced free market reforms, according a new study… A case study: a college grad turns down a good job because it’s not worthy of him. How can he do it? His parents let him live at home for as long as he wants.

TUESDAY: Prager H1: Dennis plays clips from Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC, Michael Moore, and Oliver Stone, all making strident (and patently foolish) anti-American statements in the last couple of weeks.

Prager H2: Vice President Biden flew into LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to appear on the Jay Leno Show. This caused four hour delays, according a blogger caught in the middle of it. That’s bad enough, but the lack of explanation from the government bureaucracy is even more vexing… The UN brings shame to itself again. It condemns a torpedo… The President approves a new ban on off shore drilling. Too dangerous, the Administration claims. There are 42,000 wells in the Gulf. One went bad. Say good-bye to a lot of high paying jobs, not to mention millions of barrels of domestic oil… Dennis talks to Jim Roberts, Co-Chair Presbyterians for Middle East Peace. He led the successful fight to stop PC USA from adopting a resolution condemning Israel.

Prager H3: Dennis talks to David Brog executive director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). His new book is In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity.

Khunrum emails: “Right now I’m listening to the Josh Alan Friedman interview. Excellent questions to a worthy subject. You need more Josh Alan’s and less Dennis Prager’s for the non Torah crowd…like me.”

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