Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty

On his radio show last week, Dennis Prager talked about how much he loves Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty.

My first thought was, is it kosher?

Dennis has talked in the past how he’s eaten McDonald’s fries for years until he found out they were seasoned with pork fat.

Here’s a Jewish discussion of the Wendy’s Frosty:

Kosher posts: i would assume that no agency would give a hasgacha for something served in a traif restaurant for fear of ma’arat ayin. If someone were to see someone with a kipah in a wendy’s, they might assume the entire menu to be kosher. Also, there is no one to check that they are not adding anything traif to the shakes. There was a time when milk in MA was traif due to the milk having had vitamin E made from shark oil to it.

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