Welcoming Gays Into Your Home

A Christian man phones Dennis Prager’s radio show July 11, 2008: “I am a stay at home father. I have three young girls I stay home with. My wife has developed several friendships at work with individuals who are homosexual. I am concerned about inviting these friends into my home because of the example they might set for my children.”

Dennis: “You don’t have to worry. Unless they are exhibiting publicly erotic affection, I see zero issue. There is no reason for the kids not to see that. I’ll only be curious at a later age when they should be aware that such people exist and can be wonderful people. I see zero problem. In our extended family, we have a wonderful lesbian couple and they come over as often as possible.”

Father: “It may interfere with teaching my children that we disaprove of that lifestyle.”

Dennis: “The issue isn’t lifestyle, it’s specific acts. The children are not aware of a lifestyle, they are aware of two friends of the same sex coming over.”

“The notion of distinguishing, especially in these areas, between the sin and the sinner is also an important lesson for your children.”

I heard Orthodox rabbi Yosef Kanefsky speak about this:

The rabbi says that there is an age for children to learn about homosexuality and if you go earlier, it just won’t make any sense for them.

The rabbi talks about a junior at a yeshiva “when the Proposition 8 issue cropped up about a year and a half ago, he heard all kinds of things being said, including awful disgusting things, including from faculty members, and he stood alone.”

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