Murder In Pacific Palisades

From TabloidBaby:

A “domestic dispute” in the middle of Sunset Boulevard in the driving rain led to murder in quiet Pacific Palisades sometime around midnight and a crime scene at the Mobil at the corner of Sunset and Swarthmore in the heart of town. Police at the scene say a man driving the red Honda Prelude got into a fight with his girlfriend, then ran over the woman and a second male, stuffed their bodies into the car and kept driving.

He wound up at the Mobil station. The night attendant called 911. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Her body was removed by the LA County Coroner around 8:30 this morning. The second victim is in the hospital. The suspect is in custody.

Hundreds of Palisadian residents and school kids got to see their first homicide crime scene on the way to work or school this morning. Details are sure change as the day progresses.

The crime scene is yards away from the new Village Pantry restaurant that former Mayor Richard Riordan opened last week on the site of the former Mort’s Deli, known to millions as a location in Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Pacific Palisades, where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once lived,  is home to many a Hollywood star and power broker, including Kate Hudson, who made a splash, and director Sydney Pollack, who was honored by Tony Gilroy, at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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