American Trial Attorneys in Defense of Israel

From LinkedIn:

As American trial attorneys, we are highly educated professionals who are dedicated to the highest of ideals of justice, the pursuit of truth, & the zealous advocacy of our clients’ rights. We rely on factual evidence, historical accuracy, and persuasive arguments to champion our clients’ interests. We flush out bad arguments that are devoid of fact and reason, and impeach the lying witnesses. We are not intimidated by our adversaries. We come to the defense of those causes are righteous. We apply these ideals and trial skills to our staunch defense of the State of Israel.

Trial attorneys should be at the forefront of the battle defending Israel.

If we were in a court of law and had to defend Israel against her enemies, we know we would win because the law and the facts are on our side. Courtrooms do not entertain propaganda. They entertain justice.

Short of defending the State of Israel in court, we have the opportunity to defend Israel against her enemies in the court of public opinion. Our tool is the internet and we disseminate pro-Israel articles to our colleagues via this newly-formed Linkedin group. Please join and make a difference.

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