Self-Portrait In Turkey

In a 2004 lecture on Deuteronomy 16, Dennis Prager says: “The Jews are very tempted by Canaanite paganism. We’re all tempted by paganism. Pagan is the natural state of things. An invisible one God is hardly natural compared to a goddess of fertility.

“In Turkey when I was there in my 20s, they were selling ancient fertility gods. One of them was a little male god with an appendage that was about four times longer than him. He was very seriously fertile. I sent a postcard of that to my parents. My father I know got a big kick out of it. God knows what I wrote, probably ‘Self portrait in Turkey.’ I was a little wild in those days.”

Dennis says that for ten years on his radio show Religion on the Line, he asked Christians “what does three in one mean?”

There is no answer. The Christian doctrine of the trinity is a logical impossibility.

Christians believe they believe in one God so who am I to say differently, says Dennis.

“I would ask the Christian clergy what does it mean. I almost started a fist fight between two Christians on this one. One Christian clergyman said, Dennis, here’s a rough idea. You are a father, a husband and a brother. Are there three of you? No.

“The other Christian said, that’s heretical. That’s a heresy. That heresy was wiped out in the fourth century. That is utterly unacceptable. Dennis, don’t listen to him.

“And I just sat there and knew the ratings were going up as they yelled at each other. I was a happy dude.”

“I was on safari in my twenties in Kenya and Tanzania. You’d go on these Volkswagon buses. I was the only serious theist in the group. I’d keep having these revelations. I finally realized that if I wanted to maintain cordial relations, I should shut up. I’ll never forget when I’d watch the lions would attack the weakest of whatever animal they were eating, such as gazelle or zebra. Anybody could tell you which zebra would die that day. If he limped, he was dead. But if a human limps, you take him to a doctor. We don’t kill the weak.”

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