Sunday Night Torah Talk With Tikkun Torah Columnist Dr. Mark Kirschbaum

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Certain people used the work of a 19th Century Hasidic rebbe to hit on girls. We discuss using God to pick up chicks.

Dr. Kirschbaum’s essay Biblical epic and personal narrative, as inspired by the Torah portions of Matot and Masei.

Moses Ordering the Slaughter of the Midianites (1650 painting by Claes Corneliszoon Moeyaert)

During our discussion of this week’s two Torah portions (Maatot and Masei), a sublime discussion dominated my live cam chat room:

guest22: this ‘moral leader’ a reformed p*** king?
guest22: what a bunch of bs
YourMoralLeader: hi
guest22: why not celeb rate our countries freedom?
guest22: yes you look SO TRANSFORMED!
guest22: Jesus is alive and lives in each of us
guest19: lol
guest22: this is absolute nonsense
guest19: Let’s celebrate slavery and native american genocide!
User guest19 changed their name to SpaceMan.
User guest22 changed their name to Chicago.
Chicago: Similar L.A. and Tel Aviv? are you in your right mind?
Chicago: why don’t you talk about current relevant matters in the u.s.?
SpaceMan: Chicago, if your gonna troll then get out. We’re trying to study Torah, we don’t heckle your idola worshipping cracker eating fests.
Chicago: you must have been looking for them then, never saw that in spain.
SpaceMan: So please extend us the same courtesy.
Chicago: this is a free country still,
Chicago: freedom of speech right?
SpaceMan: Yeah, but your just making yourself look pathetic.
Chicago: then ban me!!
SpaceMan: Nothing else to do? No fireworks to crackle?
SpaceMan: Get a life bro.
YourMoralLeader: i love u guys
Chicago: you my friend are the pathetic one if you believe in all of this babble
SpaceMan: Oh yes, I believe in the world’s first montheistic faith where yours and all the rest got their good ideas from.
SpaceMan: You worship a zombie.
Chicago: What the heck are you talking about? You are calling Christ a Zombie? How have you been brainwashed?
SpaceMan: Dude dies, gets up three days later
SpaceMan: I mean thats what happened in all those zombie movies
Chicago: My faith doesn’t call others negative tghings
Chicago: you believe in movies?
SpaceMan: You just got done talking smack and calling this stuff drivel
Chicago: true faith you believe in what is not seen, but what you believe
SpaceMan: So, uhm, your faith obviously does.
Chicago: why don’t you just be quiet and listen to this
SpaceMan: You also ritually cannibalize ur zombie gods blood and body, just like zombies urself.
Chicago: what causes you to be so cruel?
SpaceMan: Also, you guys aren’t too big on thinking and independant thought.
SpaceMan: Zombianity
SpaceMan: Maybe Im tired of ignorant zombies breaking up what should a holy thing.
Chicago: if you’re tired, go to sleep, free country and we can do what we want and think what we want and say what we want
SpaceMan: Then I can call your false zombie god what he is.
SpaceMan: Wouldn’t u rather go in a chat with your fellow zombie worshippers? Why mess with us?
Chicago: don’t you want to be educated about all?
SpaceMan: Isnt 2,000 years of pogroms, inquisitions, and holocausts enough?
SpaceMan: I know your religion and so does everyone else.
SpaceMan: Your religion is really not all that complex. It’s for idiots.
Chicago: you’ve been alive for 2000 years? dude you need to let it go already
SpaceMan: I know your religion. Quite well.
SpaceMan: I know your religion.
Chicago: i don’t have a ‘religion’ i have faith. i don’t pretend to know yours either. why don’t you just listen and learn something and expand your horizons.
Chicago: jews are gods chosen people. jesus was a jew
SpaceMan: And we are discussing what G-d handed down to His people.
SpaceMan: And you mock it.
Chicago: sir, you are so close minded, to think i am mocking it. you have been nothing but rude
SpaceMan: So, you worship a jewish zombie then.

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