Newsweek’s List Of Top 50 Rabbis

Here you go.

The list seems silly to me. The leader of the Reform movement, Eric Yoffie, at number two? He’s retiring.

“5.David Saperstein—Having just completed his term as the only rabbi serving on President Obama’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Saperstein continues to act as a major influence in Washington in his role as director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.”

Yes, but who follows him?

“7.Irwin Kula—Kula, a bestselling author who serves as co-president of CLAL (the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership), is nationally known for his commitment to reshaping America’s spiritual landscape.”

Irwin Kula is an atheist and a chillul HaShem, taking to the media to proclaim his belief in the absence of God. I’ve never heard of anyone saying he was influenced by Irwin Kula.

If a Jew wants to be an atheist or a sodomite, that’s one thing, but stay out of the rabbinate.

“9.Robert Wexler—Wexler continues influencing generations of Jewish students and scholars as president of American Jewish University.”

Influencing them how? Dr. Wexler doesn’t shape anybody. Have you ever heard anyone say they were influenced by Dr. Robert Wexler? Dr. Wexler and his family are Orthodox. If he had any influence, his students and scholars would become Orthodox. That doesn’t happen.

“10.Morris Allen—As program director for Magen Tzedek, the ethical kosher seal, Allen is changing the way the world thinks about kashrut and the ethical issues surrounding the hechsher.”


What this list rewards is posing as an innovator and rushing to the media to proclaim radical views.

George emails: “How is it that Menachem Genack of the OU is number 16, but his boss Steven Weil is nowhere on the list? And how does Weil feel about that? Maybe you can ask him at his farewell barbecue outside Beth Jacob Saturday night, July 10, at 9:45, as he and his lovely family are sent off to their new home in New Jersey!”

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