Meir Kin Responds To Rabbinic Contempt Order

Meir Kin reponds to this:

Dear Community:

It is with a heavy heart that we stand today before Tisha B’Av and yet have not learned the lessons of the past. The Bais Hamikdosh was destroyed because of baseless hatred coupled with silence from the Rabbis, after seeing a fellow jew publicly humiliated (Kamtza-Bar-Kamtza). The Los Angeles Jewish Community has recently been exposed to a mountain of lies from ORA ( and the RCC (Rabbinical Council Of California). I’m referring to the letter written by Jeremy Stern from ORA headed by Herschel Schachter from YU. Some of these lies are new, while others are regurgitated and were already proven false. This week, a new campaign has been waged against me for unwarranted reasons. If you are a person that will listen to Loshon hora and are quick to judge, I ask you to read my letter in its entirety, and see the links so that you can see and learn that what may appear as ‘obvious’, is nothing short of a ‘mirage’ and a total fabrication of the facts. I will not make empty statements as you have heard and read, but rather back them up with facts and documents!!! I do not want to bore you with the facts of my divorce case. You can read all about them at : and, and

So why have you not heard about my case for over 1 year? The answer is that after presenting the evidence in 2009 that proved the allegations to be false ,and that a Get was waiting for Lonna Kin to pick up, Gershon Bess had agreed to remove the false seiruv on June 2009 after we both agreed to enter mediation.

So why all of a sudden a new Seiruv 1 year later? Here is where you will see the lies and the fabrications.

1) The timing of this new false Seiruv is not by chance, but it coincides with a recent hazmono (summons) issued to Gershon Bess by a Bais Din In Ny. Gershon Bess was just summoned for his 3rd time but has refused to appear Instead, in a retaliatory preemptive fashion, he orchestrates a ‘new false seiruv’ to be issued against me in order to shut me up! Doesn’t this remind you of the old mafia tactics, where a person going to testify against a mobster is ‘mysteriously found dead’? Like the Italian mafia, the Rabbinic Mafia has its own ways of eliminating its threats. Does this mean that no one can call a rabbi to a Din Torah? Gershon Bess was summoned to a Din Torah to request a letter of apology for falsely defaming me in public, and after seeing my evidence and removing the previous false seiruv, has not issued a letter of apology: and Why didn’t Gershon Bess and the RCC just reactivate their original seiruv? I need not remind you the reputation that the RCC carries in LA.

2) Many of you do not know the intricate Halochot relating to Din Torah or Gittin because you were never exposed to these issues. The corrupted rabbis will use your ignorance to capitalize on their achievements! Therefore the tendency of the ignorant is to proclaim ‘Just give in to their demands, why ruin your name?’ Interestingly, very few people today will stand up for the truth and not cave in. I’m one of those individuals that will insist on the truth be told, and will not allow others to detract from the truth. This is my right and the Torah demands that the Emes be upheld!!

3) You may ask: Why is Meir Kin singled out and so viciously the victim of character defamation? The answer is that Lonna Kin Ralbag is the first cousin of Aryeh Ralbag, who heads the hashgocho Triangle-k. Obviously a person of that stature will use all ‘his connections’ with other hashgocho organizations including Yisroel Belski, Gershon Bess, Herschel Schachter, Avrohom Union to extract forcibly a Get under their terms.

4) Now lets begin dissecting their statements and reveal who the ‘real extortionist’ really is as well as their inaccurate statements and misquotes of Halocho.

5) Halocho is very clear about the prohibition of entering the Civil Courts as a first remedy. Please see : which discusses this prohibition. Lonna Kin Ralbag had immediately taken Meir Kin to the civil courts and in fact had him gagged so that he cannot talk certain ‘hair-raising facts’ (I will let your imagination think what it was),so that he cannot have a fair shake at a Din Torah where Jews are supposed to arbitrate their differences. When he went to Bais Din Even Hamishpot initially, she tried to have him jailed for ‘talking to the rabbis’ See: Do you see Gershon Bess, Herschel Schachter, Avrohom Union, Nochum Sauer cry out against her actions? Why are the rabbis silent when a woman commits Mesira and goes to the Civil Courts against halocho? Are they practicing ‘selective Judaism’? Why is the mitzvah of Get supercede the sin of ‘Mesira’ or going to Civil Courts?

6) Halocho dictates very clearly that in order for a GET to be kosher, it must be done free of any coercion. This means that coercing a man by using the courts to impose a hefty penalty, or coercing a man physically, or coercing a man by ‘public humiliation’ as a tactic to obtain a GET is a sin and will result in an invalid GET with potential for mamzeirim if a woman remarries with such a GET. See: where letters from great rabbis illustrate this fact as well as expose the corrupt activities of rabbis . This is not a Meir Kin made-up phenomenom. Yet, these corrupt rabbis who know that Meir Kin has already written a GET without coercion are insisting to coerce him to write a new GET. Do you believe that such a GET is more kosher than the one that I voluntarily did???

7) Incidently, you will notice that never has Gershon Bess, Avrohom Union, Nochum Sauer or Herschel Schachter quoted any halachic sources to back up their claims! However Rabbi Gestetner from monsey (845)425-9708 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (845)425-9708 end_of_the_skype_highlighting,who published many seforim:

Is also wrongly defamed as an extortionist rabbi for being one of the remnant honest rabbis who will stand up for Halocho and not for political expediency. Yet Rabbi Gestetner backs up everything in Halocho! See: and

8) In regards to a Din Torah, a respondent has a right to choose his Bais Din especially in a case where a woman has used the Civil Courts, and the seforim clearly state that you cannot issue a seiruv out of whim because you so choose! See:

As long as the respondent is willing to go to a Bais Din, you cannot put a seiruv! I not only went to Bais Din, but had agreed to 4 Bais Din’s but lonna Kin had refused to appear and to remove my gag-order so that I can speak freely in any of them. This Gag order is still in place today. In fact on March 2009, I had agreed to arbitrate at Rabbi Teichman’s Bais Din but my offer was nixed by Avrohom Union from the RCC. Lonna Kin Ralbag, like many other women are being advised by their lawyers and their corrupt rabbis to proceed first to the Civil Courts and obtain custody, child support, assets etc and then come to their Bais Din to just receive the GET! This is clearly not acceptable by Halachic standards. The rabbis listed above know that people sympathize with Agunot and have so cunningly devised a system that every woman who doesn’t receive a GET on her terms can be made into an Aguna thereby creating the crocodile tears to flow and then they get ORA ( to rally in front of his family’s home to extricate a GET under her terms.

9) A Kosher Get had been deposited on March 2008 and been waiting for Lonna Kin Ralbag to pick up.

10) The new seiruv is fraudulent and has no merit. A seiruv can only be issued to a person who is summoned by a Bais Din 3 times and does not respond. A) I have not received any summons from this phony non-existent bais din whose signatores are Herschel Schachter, Avrohom Union and nochum Sauer. B) This seiruv has no logo from a Bais Din, no address or telephone #. C) Avrohom Union and Nochum Sauer are from the RCC in California, and Herschel Schachter is from Riets Y.U in Ny. They are not an existent Bais Din but a quickly formed phony bais din formed exclusively and only to attack Meir Kin. If you compare the fonts and the layout used in the RCC Seiruv above and this new Seiruv, you will see that it’s the same minus the RCC name , address, tel # and missing one signatore from the RCC? Therefore why has the RCC necessitated a new Seiruv from another formed Bais Din when they can reissue their own? What are the odds that these rabbis, 2 of them who live in LA and one of them has a daughter getting engaged the next day, really met that day in New York City? See:

The answer is as I stated earlier, this was a vendetta against me by Gershon Bess for summonsing him to a Din Torah, and based on the facts listed above one can see the fraud and deception methods that were utilized.

11) Why is Meir Kin the only man in the world that has had 3 Seiruvim against him? 2 are listed above and 1 is Its like making 3 Blessings on 1 apple. Are 3 blessings better than 1? The answer is that each time a Seiruv was presented, I had managed to refute it and disqualify it as a fraudulent seiruv. That led the corrupted rabbis to seek a new venue to issue another seiruv so perhaps the ignorant will not catch on. The first Seiruv was a big joke as it was from a Bais Din headed by Lonna Kin Ralbag’s cousin Aryeh Ralbag. Additionally Rabbi Belsky who signed, later admitted to me that it was a mistake since he was unaware that Lonna Kin was Aryeh Ralbags cousin! Additionally a prominent member of this Agudath Harrabonim Bais Din Rabbi Ginzberg, issued a letter that No Seiruv should be issued against me because of a Gag-order that was imposed on me. See: and and

Then came the fraudulent RCC seiruv that was issued despite my answering the summons and stating my choice to arbitrate at a different Bais Din which is my halachic right as illustrated above. Then you have the 3rd new retaliatory Seiruv from a non-existent Bais Din, served on me 1 year after the removal of the RCC Seiruv and at the same time that Rabbi Bess was being summoned by me to a Din Torah??? Isnt that very suspicious and ironic???

12) I find it amazing that Jeremy Sterns letter only has derogatory and inflammatory remarks against Meir kin and not one against Lonna Kin. Therefore you can deduce that according to Jeremy Stern, Hershel Schachter, Avrohom Union, Nochum Sauer, it is permissible for a woman to litigate all her matters in a Civil Court, permissible to obtain a Gag-order against your husband and threaten to jail him if he violates it, permissible to steal your son, not let him see his father, steal his monies, and commit Mesira. Jeremy Stern lied again by stating that I fled Ny to avoid the NY Get Law. I left Ny after Lonna Kin dismissed her Divorce petition after the judge ordered her to provide 2 computers for inspection which contained serious proof that would of awarded me custody of my son. See: This is why she ran to family court after dismissing her Divorce petition and obtained a Gag-Order to prevent anyone from learning these facts!

13) There were no 2 mediators, but just one. Rabbi Eliyahu Kin my brother, agreed upon by both parties. See: I have agreed on relinquishing 50% of our outstanding issues but she has relinquished 0 %. Why should she agree to anything if she can get the RCC and ORA to harass and embarrass me in public without agreeing to an iota?!

Jeremy Stern again falsely writes the RCC was informed by the mediators that Meir was intractable, cruelly withholding a get from Lonna and refusing to bring his claims against her to a respectable beis din. As the mediators wrote in a letter to Meir once negotiations had failed:

“Lonna is willing to go to a reputable Beis Din to adjudicate ALL issues. Your position that you want money from Lonna irrespective of what the Halacha is and that you should get it because otherwise you won’t give her a Get is nothing more than EXTORTION.” There was no letter sent to Meir by the mediators. There was no extortion of monies, and a GET has been waiting for her to pick up for 2 years. The purpose of mediation is to get both parties to resolve all their issues on their own, but according to Jeremy stern its all about getting Meir to bring his claims to a respectable bais din.

IN CONCLUSION: The facts above speak for themselves. Lonna Kin Ralbag has chosen a path contrary to the Torah standards. She has severely damaged Meir Kin financially after continuous litigation in the civil courts, has stolen his monies, his only son, prevents him from regular visitations with his father in Los Angeles, prevents free phone contact with his son, attempted to have him jailed for speaking to Rabbi Gobioff from the Bais Din Even Hamishpot, has ORA rally 3 times before his parents home and his place of employment, has her associates harass and intimidate him on a constant basis, obtains 3 false Seiruvim , feignsto be an Aguna when all the while she refuses to pick up her GET written in a Chareidi bais din in Monsey Ny. After enduring such a horrible punishment and suffering from her and yet Meir Kin writes a GET on her behalf, you tell me who is the real extortionist here! It is Meir Kin who is the victim and Lonna Kin the extortionist who wants to violate Torah Law and dictate to Meir which Get is acceptable and where to pick it up! The last I heard , the Torah gave the man the right to choose his scribe and place to write the GET! If you have any sense of decency and honesty, please write to Jeremy stern and all these corrupted rabbis listed above that you will no longer tolerate these baseless lies and let them save their ammunition for the TRUE AGUNOT OUTHERE THAT DESERVE OUR HELP, AND NOT THE PRETENDERS.

Luke, this is fresh off the press. Please see attached Seiruv and condemnation letter against rabbi gershon Bess from a Bais din in Monsey, Ny. The second letter is a letter to the public to make them aware of my innocence and informs the public of all the damages inflicted upon me by the RCC, ORA, and Lonna Kin Ralbag.

Bais Din Lishkas Hagozis/Kedushas Levi Monsey, NY (845)352-0532;426-1349

This is the 4th (courtesy) summons being sent to Rabbi Gershon Bess to appear in front of our Bais Din with the other litigant, Mr Meir Kin . We respectfully request that you contact us to notify the date that is convenient for you to appear.

Signed today the 15th day of Tammuz 5770.

Signed Rabbi Ahron Tzvi Klein

Signed Rabbi Zalman, Pinchos Shtoltzenberg

It has been decided that as of today, Rabbi Gershon Bess is in the status of contempt, by Torah Law for not appearing to this court as well as doing things against the Torah without proper reason and conducting himself in a manner as if he were the sole Rabbinic authority in this generation. All his halachic rulings should be considered invalid. Whoever assists him in his endeavors shall be equally responsible to his sins and its ramifications. Whoever seeks the path of Torah, should distance themselves from him or his associates, and by doing so will fulfill what the Torah states Blessed is he who upkeeps this Torah. Amen.

Signed Ahron Tzvi Klein

Signed Zalman Pinchos Shtoltzenberg

Signed Tzvi Dov Avraham

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