Just Wait A Month And Then You Can Rape Her!

In his 12th lecture on Deuteronomy (2003), Dennis Prager says on the Torah verse about taking a captive woman as a wife after she’s left alone for 30 days to mourn her family: “You may not touch her for 30 days. This shows the wisdom and goodness of the Torah. If it said, don’t rape women when you win a war, forget it. It’s too utopian.

“But it says, hey, we know you want beautiful women. So hold on. No problem. Just wait 30 days.

“But please. Thirty days a woman is going to sit there and you’re going to get to know her and she’s crying over her relatives, and then on the 31st day, you’re going to rape her? That’s not the way men function. It’s brilliant. Guys, no problem. You can have your beautiful booty after winning a war. Just wait a month. But get to know her. Learn that she’s a human, not just a beautiful object.”

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