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Jack emails: Luke, I have been a reader of your blog for quite some time, but feel the need to respond to these postings about the Las Vegas Jewish Federation. I feel it is necessary to clear up some misconceptions about how Mr. Karp has remained employed in the federation system. You should know that the national JFNA recruiters stopped working with Mr. Karp quite awhile ago. It has been many years since JFNA referred him for jobs. The people in Rockland hired him against the advise of JFNA recruiters. Further, the board in Las Vegas hired Vicki Agron as a fundraising consultant and they asked her to help them find candidates. JFNA did not refer him. JFNA do not know what if any process they took in checking his references or background. Ms. Agron referred Mr. Karp to them, again, against the advise of JFNA recruiters. You should also know that JFNA recruiters have refused to place any new professionals there to work with Mr. Karp in Las Vegas.

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