Helen Thomas Resigns

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “I’ve never liked Helen Thomas but I’ve never bothered spending time about her. She was always this far-left voice in the press corps. She was tolerated because of her age and being in the press corp so long. What she said is truly beyond the pale.”

“This is one of the rare cases where I think resignation is appropriation. I have a broad tolerance for people making all sorts of comments. I so deeply believe in liberty. This is advocacy of annihilation of a country. If this isn’t beyond the pale, then nothing is.

“What if a reporter said that all the blacks should go back to Africa, go back to where they came from? What would the reaction be like in this country? It would be horrific.

“There was this sports announcer many years ago [Jimmy the Greek Snyder] who said that blacks have greater innate abilities.

“Whether he was right or wrong, it was not a comment worthy of being fired and losing your ability to work at your lifelong job. There was some pastor who said that Jews have this ability to make money. People went nutty.”

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