You Should Earn Self-Esteem By Doing Estimable Things

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “That’s the only estimable coinage. The rest is counterfeit. Counterfeit self-esteem either produces narcissism or profound unhappiness when the day comes that I recognize it has been counterfeit.”

Caller: “We have a 14-year old girl and she is probably our biggest challenge. Any time we correct her, she accuses us of judging her.”

Dennis: “The next time your daughter says, ‘You’re judging me’, the answer is, ‘You’re correct. I am.’ What will she say then?

“Yes, I am judging you. And guess what, darling? Everyone you meet will judge you until the day you die. That is the human lot — to be judged. Just as you judge others. You didn’t choose everybody at school to be your friend. You judged who you think is nice, who you think is mean, who you think is fun, who you think is boring.

“Every one of us judge all the time. The problem is when we judge unfairly.

“It is just as important that we judge you as it is that we love you.”

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