Most People Who Have A Life Don’t Demonstrate

After a speech to Chabad of Conejo Valley on Jan. 13, 2009, Dennis was asked about anti-Israel demonstrations on Wilshire Blvd that gathered ten times as many people as the counter pro-Israel demonstrations.

Twenty five minutes in, Dennis says: “Most people who have a life don’t demonstrate… I started my public life at Soviet Jewry demonstrations, so I know their importance, but it is harder to gather people who have a constructive life than people who have destructive lives. Everybody here probably has a family to take care of and most of you are gainfully employed and are involved in community life. Do you think people shouting ‘Death to Israel’ are involved in anything constructive? They go from here to the Salvation Army?”

Dennis was asked for his assessment of the first four hours of the new season [meaning the seventh season] of 24.

He replies: “Are you including the two hours in Africa?”

Man: “Sure.”

Dennis: “I don’t see it live because I can’t sit through the commercials without going to the bathroom. I get that nervous. He has picked a weak spot in my life — 24. If you don’t know what it is, do not ask anyone. Do not watch it. Do not read about it. The thing is so damn addicting that I regret having watched a second. I don’t even watch TV and I’m addicted. It’s well acted and you get involved with the people. You care about them. But my favorite thing is — there is a guy, the hero of these episodes, who fights evil for a living.”

January 22, 2009

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