The Mob Rule Of LA’s Orthodox Rabbinate

On his radio show May 20, 2010, Dennis Prager says: “I want to tell you a story here. Every kid, for reasons we can never explain as adults, remembers something forever that didn’t even happen to the kid… Every one of you has a memory of something that happened in the news when you were a child that seared its way into your memory. And you have no idea why.

“I was seven years old. I remember this man’s name — Victor Riesel. He died in 1996. He was a reporter that investigated mob infiltration of the union. How corrupt the unions were.

“When I was seven, I remember hearing on the radio that he had sulfuric acid thrown in his face and he was blinded.

“I’m looking at a story here about a mob of union supporters outside a banker’s house [in Washington D.C.], frightening his teenage kid who locked himself up in the bathroom. This thugish union, SEIU, typical of what happens when a lot of unions get a lot of power and they are protected by the government.They, like others on the left, feel the right to bully.

“So they went up to the house, screaming, chanting, yelling, up to the porch, to the steps, of the banker’s house. Fourteen busloads of people shipped in by the thugs at the SEIU union.

“I’m not saying they will throw sulfuric acid in anybody’s face. I’m saying I remember what unions can do when they’re vicious.”

“I am opposed to demonstrations against anyone’s home, right or left. Anyone. The notion that your home is not your castle, that we can bring politics and intimidation to your house, this is a left-wing policy. Does anybody know conservatives who have lined up and screamed at the homes of people they’ve differed with? If so, I’ll condemn it right here.”

“This doesn’t happen on the right where you go intimidate the children and the families of people you differ with.”

“Here’s the irony. It was against a guy at Bank of America, Greg Baer, who’s a big Democrat. I wonder how long he will remain so foolish. Democrats did nothing against this demonstration. The Washington Post didn’t even report it. The tea party they call a mob, but a real mob of leftists, this rent-a-mob, this is never covered. It’s not covered anywhere in the mainstream media. No news program covered this. But if one person yells one alleged epithet out of 20,000 people at a legitimate rally, not in front of someone’s house, then the right-wing is a mob.”

“The idea that your home is your sanctuary, there is no sanctuary for the left. Everything is power. Everything is politics.”

Los Angeles has an equally vicious union — Rabbi Avrohom Union who runs the RCC.

Under the direction of the volatile Rav Herschel Shachter, and with the cooperation of all the Orthodox pulpit rabbis in Los Angeles, including Steven Weil at Beth Jacob, Elazar Muskin at YICC and Yosef Kanefsky at Bnai David-Judea, the RCC recruited Orthodox Jews to repeatedly march outside the home of Meir Kin (who lived with his parents) to protest his failure to give his wife a get (Jewish divorce). The rabbis widely publicized Meir Kin’s home address.

Meir Kin was willing to give his wife a get, just not through the RCC but through a beit din in Monsey.

These demonstrations were thug tactics typical of L.A.’s Orthodox rabbinate and the RCC. I hope these rabbis who assisted in these intimidation tactics live long enough to have protest marches outside their homes on equally complicated matters as Meir Kin’s divorce (I have no position on who is right and wrong in this divorce, I just think that marching outside someone’s home is wrong).

The only thing that stopped these marches of intimidation, to the best of my knowledge, is that I repeatedly blogged about them and called the rabbis bluff.

When you fight back hard against bullies, they often learn manners.

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