Working In Private Industry Develops Character

Dennis Prager had a great point on the first hour of his radio show today: “My wife and I were at a mall in Houston. I made the observation when I saw kids from all backgrounds and how courteous they were. “Thank you.” “Have a wonderful day. “Thank you. What can I do for you?” Always with a big smile. And you realize how working for private industry as opposed to working for the government so often makes you a better person because you are forced to be polite and decent and inquire about people’s lives. I am a big behaviorist. Wish enough people a nice day and you might become a nicer person.

“You don’t become a nicer person at college. You become a more selfish person. Work or travel.”

“There isn’t a single good argument for going from kindergarten to college without smelling the flowers.”

A caller named Mike made an excellent point. He worked in a mine after high school. Many guys did to earn money for college. Many of them never went to college. They got comfortable working at the mine. They started families.

Dennis did not buy this. If they wanted to go to college and be professionals, they would’ve. There’s nothing wrong with starting a family and making a good living without going to college.

But what about those who get stuck in jobs or lose their jobs? They’ll have fewer options without a college degree.

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