Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach Leaves Shalhevet

Why? No clue. Lots of rumors, and the spin from the board (that he resigned for family reasons) seems to contradict what we know, like, for example, he is not allowed to return to the campus. There’s 24 hour security to ensure he keeps away. That’s pretty severe, don’t you think? I have seen many upper level admins leave (be terminated) Shalhevet, but I have never seen 24 hour security to make sure they don’t return to even enter their office and empty it out. In fact, all the others did return to complete their year, and some even kept their kids in the school another year or two… so, it’s definitely something serious.

Was Rabbi Weinbach detected interviewing for another job on the East Coast, and since he was already collecting a hefty salary, the board saw it as a pretext to streamline costs?

Rabbi Weinbach resigned on Thursday night effective immediately. He has said publicly in Philadelphia that he is a candidate for the head of school there.

A source says: “You have the whole story. They were very unhappy with him and he was terminated. Nobody knows about security guards – apparently security is as it usually is.”

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