Did Rabbi Wolpe Go Too Far?

Craig Taubman responds.

I got this email: When will liberal Jews realize that “Unity” does not mean embracing the enemies who want to destroy Israel and the Jewish People?

Apparently, many who attended the so-called “unity” event for Yom Ha’atzmaut in Sinai Temple were appalled.

Below is one sample of the emails to R. Wolpe flooding the community:

Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple Los Angeles, California 90024

Dear Rabbi Wolpe,

I was very much looking forward to your celebration of Israel’s 62nd Birthday and Unity Concert, but during and throughout I was very disappointed and distressed.

The “Unity” theme totally overshadowed the essence and importance of the evening– the guest of honor, Israel, the consul general and most importantly the ceremonial march of the Israeli flag were missing.

Pastor Rick Warren’s speech was too short and Sheriff Baca is probably a better friend of CAIR than the Jews.

All the participants spoke of love, helping each other, cooperation, hope and peace and extolled the name of God, but having survived the holocaust, escaped from communism and having studied the Qur’an during the past few years, I got sick to my stomach when I heard Allahu Akhbar chanted in a synagogue.

Islam’s god is not our God. Unfortunately, many people didn’t recognize the words being chanted so they were not upset.

Muslims do not love God, they submit to Him. Allah represents a rigid, oppressive and intolerant religious/political entity. Islam has not and will not cooperate with other religions and they are totally opposite to the Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Imam Jihad Turk’s remark, ‘religions should come together to create peace’ is a lie on his part. The Quran and Hadith tell it otherwise. Turk is a masterful practitioner of taqiyya, (practice of deceit). (Q.8:38-40 ‘O believers! Fight them until there is no more oppression and until the whole Deen (Way of life) is for Allah alone’. Q. 9:28-29 ‘Fight those people of the Book (Jews and Christians) who do not believe in Allah

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