Israeli Consulate Party

Jane emails: I went to the Israeli consulate big Shindig at the Saban theater (Temple of the Arts) Next to Larry Flynt’s building on the corner of Wilshire and La cienga.

2000 people attended (crowded and hot) the Machers in the community plus some politicians Jerry Brown… Jimmy Dalshad mayor of Beverly Hills stole the show with great jokes and warnings to Ahmadinajad of Iran.

Scoop: In honor of Theodor Herzl’s 150 birthday, Beverly Hills is going to name a street – Herzl street. The name of this multi media event was named: Promised .Wonderland. a journey. The 62 official celebration of independence day. through Israel’s culture and arts. This was also the grand opening of the Saban theater.

The show had: Flamenco dancer and guitarist, Cleizmers and Drummers, Elicia Silverstien- an amazing violinist, a black church choir sang an amazing HaTikvah. A great band, Israeli singers: Noa Dori, Sharon Farber, Axum- Israeli hip hop duo, Shofar blowers and many more… Mixed with films exerts and live on stage performance…

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