It’s A Fable, It Must Be Good

I got a filthy book in the mail.

That’s not unusual. I get a lot of filfthy stuff in the mail.

Strictly for journalistic purposes, mind you.

But this one was different.

To begin with, it was sent to me at the Jewish Journal.

That’s a good one.

The book is called The Transformations: A Tale Of Modern Sin by Dex Quire.

It’s a paperback and light.

When I’ve gone out to photograph things at night, I’ve stuck it in the back of my jeans and while waiting around for celebrities, I’ve read a few chapters.

The thing is filthy. It’s obsessed with sex. It’s about a man who wants a bigger nob, so he buys some ointment, rubs it on and turns into a donkey.

So I get home from digesting a few chapters and Google the book.

It turns out to be an ancient fable updated. So then I realized it was art, not filth.

Just like my blogging.

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