Does David Rubin Have Enemies In Orthodox Life?

Often when an Orthodox Jew falls from grace, it is easy to see his enemies rejoicing. Orthodox Jewish life is close. We know each other pretty well. We have feuds. And when people fall, there is often rejoicing.

I have not noticed that with David Rubin. He was active in Jewish education and charity. He was the chairman of the board of Yeshivat Yavneh. Now he’s run into problems with the law for his municipal bond business, but I have not noticed anybody in the community rejoicing over his downfall.

Now, I don’t know anybody who approves of his alleged wrongdoings. I’ve noticed some people snickering about it, but most people just feel bad for him and his struggles.

It also helps that David Rubin’s attorney is the well-respected and well-liked friend of George Bush, Don Etra.

I wonder where I might get a program/journal/news clips about a scholarship banquet that Yavneh held in 2002. Ehud Olmert was the keynote speaker.

I don’t know how significant David Rubin’s Orthodox social circle was in his business. David Rubin’s second in command, Stewart Wolmark, is a graduate of Ner Yisroel in Baltimore.

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