Every Generation The Goyim Try To Annihilate Us

Joe emails: What the sam hill are you writing about on your blog these days that you cannot draw attention to the State of Israel and its sudden pariah status in the West Wing?

You were not of the faith yet, but when I was in elementary school and the Syrians installed SAM-7 missile batteries in the Bekaa in 1982, the Rabbis declared a fast day. Little did they know that Israel had already devised a plan (Operation Drugstore) to completely obliterate those batteries in one afternoon in June, taking 90 Syrian jets down on the same day, all with the loss of a single Israeli jet.

And now, we have a President in the white house who wants to transform the US into a Western European amoral state, with the attendant consequences to the US Israel relationship. I know of no Israeli wizardry that will transform Obama into a rational thinker. I suggest that you begin a call on your blog that there be some observance, as possible as early as the Passover Seder, to mark and pray about the current state of affairs between Israel and the US.

I suggest that all Jews who love the state of Israel stand during the “Vehee Shemda” a portion of the Passover Seder that confirms that in every generation there arise those who have endeavored to annihilate us. And in every generation, if we are worthy, the Holy One Blessed Be He delivers us from their hands.

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