Why Do American Jews Support Bigger Government?

Dennis Prager writes: One day, the descendants of this generation of American Jews will regret what their ancestors supported. As difficult as it is for many Jews to imagine, American Jews will not be on the left forever. Two hundred years ago, few Jews would have imagined that most Jews would one day abandon Judaism. And if Jews could abandon Judaism, their own religious and moral system for thousands of years, they can certainly abandon leftism, their 200-year-old foreign import religion.

If this bill is not eventually repealed, our descendants will wonder why generations of Americans prior to 2010 had more personal liberty, a higher level of medical care, shorter waits for doctors, and why America was so much more influential in the world than in their generation. They will wonder why America decided in the beginning of the 21st century to move dramatically closer to Europe and expand the power of the state to an unprecedented degree.

Health care aside, they will live in both a weaker and morally inferior America.

Morally inferior because as the state expands, people do less for other people. The state takes over the job of taking care of other people. That is one reason Europeans give less charity per capita and per income, and volunteer less time than Americans

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