What Is Social Justice?

On Friday, Dennis Prager received a call on his radio show from a woman wanting to know his definition of “social justice”.

Dennis: “Social justice is overwhelmingly used by the Left when they don’t want to use the word ‘justice’ and they want to use terms to advocate their own policies. I have never understood why the word ‘social’ was added to the word ‘justice’. Either there’s justice or there’s injustice. You tell me. What is the difference between ‘justice’ and ‘social justice’?”

Woman: “I have no idea.”

Dennis: “That’s correct. The Left made it up. It means that it is not the same thing as justice. It is a euphemism for equality. There’s either justice or injustice. Social justice is the Left’s euphemism for equality. Equality is what the Left lives for. Not justice.”

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