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From Hirhurim:

  • Rabbi Avi Weiss backs off ‘Rabba’ title ‘for sake of peace’: link
  • Should he be the last Chief Rabbi? (chalilah ve-chas!): link
  • Latest issue of Jewish Action: link
  • R. Steven Pruzansky: The Rise of Orthopraxy: link
  • A literary tribute to Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander: link

  • Women in Jewish life: no turning back: link
  • Ban on lox story made up by the media: link
  • More from Agudath Israel on the RCA and R. Avi Weiss: link
  • R. Aharon Lichtenstein writes a negative review of R. Aharon Feldman’s latest book: link
  • Amid furor, Weiss backs away from

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