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Las Vegas entertainment executive Tom Ficara emails about 30 prominent Jews:

I will shortly be departing for Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to coordinate interviews of relevant victims, administrators, witnesses, etc. regarding the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Jewish Federation TV episode that we are producing for our Las Vegas Justice Bureau TV series. The focus of the story is the trail of abuse and hate based leadership of Elliot Karp at his various stops of other Jewish Federation and other related Jewish Organizations. We are looking to find out why these various organizations would pass this person around, much like the Catholic Church has done with its abusive priests. We are looking to find out why the Las Vegas Jewish Federation continues to stand behind him and condone this hate based leadership and abuse. We are looking to find out if there is a Quid Pro Quo agreement that the Las Vegas Jewish Federation would take Karp on in return for other favors that might enrich any Directors personally. We are looking to further investigate the financial improprieties of which the Federation has been accused of that relate to these matters.

We have five victims of Karp

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