Dennis Prager Applauds Lack Of Raunch In Super Bowl Ads

Dennis Prager opposes social and political issue ads on sports events.

He says the Super Bowl etc should be areas of life safe from political conflict.

On his radio show today, Dennis said: “The Focus on the Family ad, had nobody known anything about it in advance, had the pro-choice people kept quiet, nobody would’ve known what the ad was about. It was not possible to know that that ad was anti-abortion.”

“You can’t argue that ads for drinking are ads for left-wing issues.”

Dennis said: “If the environmentalist could run society, you saw your future in that ad [by Audi mocking green rules]. They are as committed to environmentalism as the Iranian regime is to their version of Islam and they would arrest people for exactly those things — ‘Are you using styrofoam cups sir? Please step out of the car’. ‘Could we come in and check the temperature in your house? We’re coming in.’

“They’ve already passed these sorts of things where they want to monitor the temperature in people’s homes. In California, no new house can have a fire place. That’s reason 84436 not to move to this state. I say it even though it hurts me because my real estate value will decline if you don’t move here.”

Dennis Prager bought his home in the Glendale area around 2005, the peak of the real estate market. Since then, the value of his home has plunged.

Dennis: “I can not think of a good reason, given what the left has done to California, for you to move here. I have a dear friend who would love to move here but he won’t because of the taxes compared to the state he now lives in. You can’t build a house with a fire place? Is that sick?

“Maybe that will increase the value of my place because I have a lot of fireplaces.”

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